Anna Doula BCN

Birth Services

All About me

I have always been passionate about pregnancy and birth. From my early years as an art student in my hometown Barcelona, I have always felt a powerful connection to emotional wellbeing and healing through the process of baby gestation. 

When I moved to London in 2002 I started practicing mindfulness meditation. This has taught me how to be able to connect with my inner self and with others. It has been the most enlightening tool in order to be able to offer the best support needed in such an important moment of a woman’s life.

In 2019 I decided to end my busy lifestyle as a Sales Manager in large corporate company in the city of London, to move to Barcelona and pursue my true purpose in life: to awaken woman to the most beautiful and empowering experience of their life. 

I’m a mother of two boys. One was born with medical intervention, and I feel grateful to be able to say that the other one was a pleasurable, natural birth.   



What I Offer


I attend your birth in order to support you laboring. I anticipate your personal needs, and do my best to tend to those needs. This might involve making sure you are eating or drinking throughout labor, or offering you support in whatever makes you feel most confortable. It use aromatherapy to relax. 

Birth preparation course 

Preparing mind and body for a wonderful birthing experience. The course includes: 

- Many of the concepts and techniques from   Hypnobirthing.

- The wonder of the physiology of mother &     baby's body.

- The theory of "Birth without Fear", by    Dr     Grantly Dick-Read.

- Neuro-linguistic programming techniques.


Pregnancy and Postpartum support 

I offer guidance and support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I look after your overall wellbeing and needs, focusing primarily on your emotions.

This can include your partner and other members of your family if necessary.



Anna was with me when I started having my first contractions. She was thoughtful and caring and always ready to listen. She is an open-minded person interested in lots of things and is always willing to share her experiences. She is calm and don't get overly stressed which is just what I needed to get me through the experience.

Anna Marie

Anna is a loving, calm woman. She is patient and a great listener. She portrays serenity and shows a great deal of empathy. With her you feel in good hands.


Anna is pure sweetness. Mother of two boys apart from being a Doula. She is a person whom you can ask about your concerns and she will provide you with options to help, not making you feel judged or guilty. In my case, she has given me advice for my daughter who is now one year old, especially on feeding and managing my emotions. Thank you so much Anna!




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